Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Breakfast? What should I eat?

To be Paleo we need to rethink breakfast.  Simply switching to Gluten free option is not sufficient.  Your job is to sort foods by their glycemic index and you'll see wheat, is on top - even above table sugar.  Forget the pancales, french toast, crepes, etc etc.  Berries, almonds, spinach, good sources of protein are what you need to switch to.  Protein sources from eggs, bacon, jerky, etc will fill you up and give you long lasting energy stores.  Dialing this in will satifsy you until lunch, no prob! 

A good way to get some greens in is to finish some of the left-overs from last night's dinner.  Make too much salad for dinner.  Salad doesn't last very long in the refridgerator, chow down on it while you're waiting for your bacon to microwave. 

What breakfast suggestions / advice do you have?